During the 3rd edition of Museumnacht Maastricht everyone could enjoy a spectacular line up all night long with just one single ticket. There was something for everyone!


Opening Museumnacht

The thirteenth city carillonneur of Maastricht, Frank Steijns, will perform a carillon repertoire at several art venues along with ensembles from the Kumulus music academy.
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Bookstore Dominicanen x FASHIONCLASH


The stunning Dominicanen Bookshop will be transformed into a real club with 13 as the lucky number.

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Your fate will rest in the hands of others as soon as you step foot in the (un)lucky Bonnefanten labyrinth. Will luck be with you or will you take an unlucky turn?

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Bosch Brewery

This brewery will be the life of the party, with tours, theater, music and – not to forget – craft beers. Take a tour through the malt house, the brewery and the bottling plant.
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Bureau Europa, platform for architecture & design

What could Maastricht have looked like? Motorways criss-crossing the city? Las Vegas on the Meuse, or a skyline with skyscrapers? Visit Unvollendete.
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Centre Céramique

Student Take Over. Inspired by the treasures hidden in the depots of Centre Céramique students of Zuyd Hogeschool and Maastricht University will present a varied, multimedia program.
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Best kept secret of Maastricht. Visit the Historic Printing Museum, situated in one of the oldest streets in Maastricht.
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Lumière Cinema

A hauntingly mesmerizing night with a short film marathon, Videopower prepremieres and art talks about fantasy & horror cinema.

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Marres presents Dreaming Awake. Imagine yourself in a dense jungle lush with vegetation and 3D paintings, experience the violence of a tropical storm, and admire the dream-like landscape of a tropical forest through an oculus rift.
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Museum aan het Vrijthof

Join the fair at Museum aan het Vrijthof! Snag an original Ted Noten ring for just 1 euro from the Mr. Claw machine, try your hand at the strongman game, or catch a fish in the river.

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Natuurhistorisch Museum

Artist Take Over: Nature meets Music, Art & Future Talent!

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Museum Sjoen Limburg

Enjoy the most relaxing concert of all time: all you have to do is lay down and listen up. The magical sound and light show Paraskevidekatriafobia will be performed by Rutger Muller from Intro in Situ.

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Van Eyck & B32

Descend along with B32 into the basement of the Van Eyck on for the Dutch whistling champion, Grandma Riekie's SoundMixShow, uncle Tonnie on a motorized sofa, or one of the other 20 acts.

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Muziekgieterij - Afterparty

Dance the night away until 5:00 AM (<18 years: admission until 3:00 AM). If you have the special combi-ticket of course!
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Museum Night bus & CODE043

There are 5 special hop-on hop-off Museumnacht buses and CODE043 makes sure that they do more than just take you from A to B between 8 PM and 01.15 AM.
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The Student Hotel Maastricht & Sphinxpassage

A perfect place to refuel with Gin+Tonic+Tunes, located in an iconic ceramics factory in the Sphinxkwartier.

TIP: Discover the Sphinxpassage, where nearly 30,000 Mosa tiles bring the history of the ceramic industry in Maastricht to life.

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STIL.het paviljoen Silent Disco

Enjoy a twenty-minute silent disco with music related to the STIL. theme created by composer and DJ Jolle Roelofs.

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Lucky Move(s)!

Join the guided tour of Meet Maastricht. Or what about jogging so you don't miss anything? Sign up with Maastricht Running Tours!

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Stay overnight

For the ultimate Museumnacht experience, stay at one of Maastricht’s great hotels!

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